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Introducing Asian Fitness Dancing program

Update 10/31/16

Check out three dance videos featuring our instructor Denise Lee and produced by Francie Hubert. Denise is offering free classes on Fridays from 12-12:30 PM in Suite 401 of the Civic Center. Please dress in comfortable clothing and flat shoes.

If you're interested, please contact us and we'll put you on our fitness dancing listserv.

Video #1 - Chinese Jing Luo Exericse

Video #2 - Chinese Medical Fitness Dance

Video #3 - Fitness Dance to song, Late Autumn (added 11/21/16)


Denise Lee, a member of MAPLE who works for the Sheriff's Office, will be leading a Chinese fitness dancing class at the Civic Center. Depending on room availability, the class will take place every other Thursday from noon to 12:30 PM and every other Friday from 4:30 to 5:15 PM.

Chinese fitness dancing combines various gentle dancing movements to the music with elements of meditation, body awareness, imagery and attention to breathing. In contrast to other aerobic dance exercises, Chinese fitness dancing offers a more balanced approach to exercise and help us to maintain strength, flexibility and balance.

Here's a message from Denise:

"I enjoyed doing physical activities throughout my childhood, such as swimming, dancing and any other outdoor games that involved jumping or running. Before coming to the United States, I was the lead gymnast and a dance team member at my elementary school. I was also actively involved with my middle school and high school dance activities and performances. After moving to US, I have been practicing some different forms of dancing exercise programs, such as Jazzercise, Zumba, Hawaiian Dancing, Piloxing and NIA, for more than 10 years. I earned the Piloxing instructor certificate last year and practice Yoga stretches every morning.

After my left ankle and right knee injuries during Zumba and Piloxing routine and instructor training, I started practicing Chinese Fitness Dance that I leaned from my Asia trip a few years ago. The daily gentle dancing movements have expedited my recovery and healing process. Hope you can join me dancing our way to better body strength, flexibility and balance."

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