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2016 Lunar New Year Potluck

2/17/16 Update

Thank you to those who participated in the potluck! We hope you met some new co-workers, learned about the year of the fire monkey, and learned how to make fish and lanterns from red envelopes.

Special thanks to the organizers - Denise Lee, Tom Lai and Jacalyn Mah - and the origami master, Sophia Liang. You can watch the red envelope origami video here.

In addition to the photos below, you can view more event photos here. Shout out to the photographers Francie Hubert, Brent Ainsworth and Ralph Hernandez.


Hope you can join us at our annual lunar new year potluck!

Here’s a suggested breakdown of the potluck assignments:

  • Last Names from A to H: Appetizer

  • Last Names from I to P: Main Dish

  • Last Names from Q to Z: Dessert

You are welcome to swap. Just let us know which category you are switching to.

In addition to enjoying the delicious food, we'll be announcing our new membership process. We'll share fun facts about the Year of the Monkey and teach you how to make lanterns using red envelopes.

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