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2015 Affinity Group Diversity Survey Results

Much thanks to those who participated in the 2015 Affinity Group Diversity Survey. Your inputs are helping to generate actions within the County of Marin Equal Opportunity Plan as well as the 5 Year Business Plan. See survey results here.

Please see special message from Angela Nicholson, Interim HR Director:

Thank you so much for your participation in the 2015 Affinity Group Diversity Survey. As you can see there are areas where the County is making progress. I am thrilled that 65% of survey participants indicated that their Supervisor is committed to and supports diversity! But we still have work to do to ensure that diversity is celebrated in the County. The common themes that we saw in the answers to the open-ended questions are consistent with the feedback we received during the preparation for the 5 Year Business Plan. In the plan, which will go to the Board of Supervisors in September, you will see a significant focus on inclusion and diversity. We are paying special attention to training and our recruiting practices. We need you to stay engaged in this work to ensure meaningful change in our organization. Your participation is critical to our success!

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